Watercolor Can Mimic Acrylic

Is it Watercolor or Acrylic?

watercolor farm fall landscapeWatercolor relies on the nature of water when it flows and mixes. Too much or too little can create unexpected results or complications. It moves and dances unlike other types of paint allowing the artist to move and dance with it. There is a freshness about this medium.

It is the unpredictability that is hard to overcome. In this first ever watercolor, I had drops of water on the canvas that made little water spots in the wrong places. The only solution was to cover them up with more leaves on the tree or more paint on the grass.

The brightness of the colors surprised me because I had thought that you had to paint layer upon layer to have vibrant color. Watercolor seems very transparent which is sometimes what makes it look so soft and lovely.

This doesn’t look much different from my acrylic paintings which is not surprising because I treated the watercolor the same way I would acrylic.  Although the painting is lovely, it doesn’t represent what watercolor is capable of producing but, I think it dispels the idea that you can’t paint watercolor expecting results like oil or acrylic.


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