Turn Your Mini Art into Art Products

   Turn Mini Art into Art Products

4x6 inches acrylic painting in Greeting Card

4×6 inches acrylic painting in Greeting Card

With the Twitter Art Exhibition Call open for 2017, I started to paint several 4×6 inch pieces of which I will choose one to send to the UK early in 2017. Every year I do a dozen or so before settling on one to send and this year is no different.

In a box of paper supplies, I found a set of cards with envelopes meant that I could turn into greeting cards. There is a slot in the card to set a photograph sized 6 x 4 inches but I decided that it could just as easily be a small painting. The card would make a lovely surprise for someone who not only got a card but also a miniature painting to keep. Since I kept all of my Twitter Art attempts, I may now have a great idea of how to use them.

If you are a member of fineartamerica.com then you can also turn these mini paintings into large prints.  Pictured here my uploaded image is a print with a mat and a frame of your choice.  The site offers different sizes depending on the pixel size of the original uploaded image.  A 4 x 6 image can be as large as your camera allows, in my case that’s around 4,000 pixels 1,320 and that will allow for a print as large as 40 x 29.75 inches.  There are also canvas prints and a whole host of other products available including: cards, metal print, poster prints, acrylic canvas, bags, t-shirts, shower curtains, duvet, phone cases, tote bags and towels to name a few.

If you have mini art pieces around turn them into useful products.

burlington waterfrontart tote bag

Trillium in the woodsart pillow

a hilly farmarty phone cover

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