The Art of Details

Recently I have become very enthusiastic about oil pastel painting.  I love to paint with acrylic but often get lost in details.  My favorite paintbrush is the liner brush so that tells you how detailed I can get.  Oil pastels are blunt ended crayons so getting fine lines or minute markings are nearly impossible.  Yet, hinting at details is very possible with oil pastels.

Take the following painting for instance: The top of the lighthouse is red so a little red mark does the trick. The lighthouse is in the distance so you can’t see anything but the hint of a lighthouse on a pier.  There are hints of boats in a couple of the boat-houses, a light post and a reflection in the water.  There are no discernible details on the sailboats either.  A little spot here and a little dot there and the eye does the rest of the work for us.

Now if I can only do this with acrylics…

Port Rowan boat houses

Oil Pastel on Mi-teinte paper 12×16″ $150 unframed

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