How to Take Charge of Your Art Career

I found a great list on 16 Ways to Get Your Art Noticed that I want to share with you.

Start with a Blog

This may be the most important step in getting your art noticed. The secret is to give something useful to the reader or at least something interesting to read. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Let your readers know who you are.
  2. How do you create your art.
  3. What inspires you; who inspires you.
  4. Tips you have learned along the way:
    • What supplies you recommend or your experiences with different supplies.
    • What tools you use and maybe how you use them.
    • Mixing mediums experiences.
    • Give a tutorial to name a new.
    • Tell the story of your art – what it means to you, why you created it.


This Week’s Winter Landscape

In a series of winter landscapes here is this weeks work.

A creek in the forest in winter

11 x 14 x 2″ acrylic on canvas $250.00

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