How to Draw Baby Faces

Charley Alice's 1st birthday
baby's first birthday

The Challenges of Drawing Babies

Babies are more challenging to draw than adults. I admit that I was apprehensive about the project.

Here are a few tips I found helpful on drawing baby faces:

  • Work from a clear picture, squirmy babies don’t make good live models
  • Babies are soft and rounded in their features
  • The eyes are bigger than adult.
  • Shadows need to be soft and light; build up color slowly.
  • The eyebrows start about half way down the face.
  • Half of the bottom half is where the nose belongs.
  • Eyelashes are a particular challenge. Use a sharp pencil, place it on the eyelid and flick it. This makes the ends tapered.
  • Eyes are seldom one solid color so make lighter areas.
  • Try not to draw a solid line around the mouth but carefully shade in the lips and like eyes make sure to have highlights.

It was a bit daunting to try to do justice to my beautiful granddaughter and although I can see ways to improve the drawing I’m happy with the outcome. Next time I won’t be so intimidated.

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