Great Content

A Few Guidelines for Blog Content

great blog content

Great Content

Tell a story: Every artist has stories of their successes, failures, criticism (how to handle it) or even the story behind the painting. Use these stories cleverly and concisely.

Be Yourself: Write as you would speak and keep the jargon to a minimum or at least explain unfamiliar terms. Not everyone knows what a rigger or liner paintbrush is, looks like or how to use it. (It’s a brush that has long, slim bristles and used for making thin lines or signing).  Also write in first person where possible so readers can engage with you on a personal level.

Be Concise: No one is going to read a novel in a blog. If your text is long add a “read more” link to the rest of it.  Don’t let your front page be text-heavy. Say as much as yoTou can in as few words as possible.

Use Active Voice: This is a form of being concise, for example, “Kevin hit the ball” is active voice. The ball was hit by Kevin is passive. Passive is harder to read and uses more words.

Use Headings: Use headings to divide content into manageable blocks covering one topic per heading.

Use Lists: Lists are easy for users to scan and can cover a subject well in a short space.

Call to Action: For maximum engagement, lead the user to an action to follow you on social media, sign up for a newsletter or just move to the next page.


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