Martintown Grist Mill August 5, 2018

Acrylic Painting

Successful Event at the Martintown Grist Mill

The Martintown Grist Mill has been renovated in recent years turning it into a thriving hub for artists, authors, entertainers, food vendors and local produce vendors.  Thousands of volunteer hours go into the weekly, summer events that has drawn the entire community closer and breathed new life into this tiny village.

As a former member of the community (my husband was born there), I was privileged to show some of my art this past weekend.  The hot weather would have been stifling had there not been an intermittent breeze from the west through the open windows and fans placed strategically around the mill.  Still, people streamed through there all day and could be seen chatting with the artists and volunteers.

It was a successful venture for me because I sold 10 pieces of art; but, had I not sold a thing, I would have enjoyed the ambience,  the comraderie and the chance to visit with friends and relative and meet new, fellow artists.


Boathouse on St. Lawrence River
Acrylic Painting
McMaster Innovation Park – Art in the Workplace Summer 2019

IVP – 30th Art in the Workplace Exhibition On display and available for sale are two of my boathouse paintings:  Innovation Park is located on Longwood Road South, Hamilton, ON.  The facility is open Mon to Fri from 9 to 5 pm.  The opening exhibition is August 1, 2019 at …

Old Mill in Fall acrylic
Acrylic Painting
Exhibiting the Old Grist Mill in Martintown, Ontario This Summer

Upcoming Art Exhibit – Aug. 4, 2019 Once again, I have the privilege of exhibiting with other artists at the Old Grist Mill in Martintown, Ontario (about 12 miles out of Cornwall).  Again, the date is Sunday, August 4, 2019, the weekend of the Highland Games in neighboring Maxville.  The …

A little boathouse and boats by a lake
Acrylic Painting
Painting Series

Painting in Series Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a whole series of paintings on one subject. However, the buildings, boats and docks come in a seemingly endless variety of size, shape and color. The paintings can become predictable after a time, but they offer a variety of choices …