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Acrylic Painting

Monoprinting is addictive! You never know exactly what you will get but you can control the process somewhat by having a vision of the result or striving for a particular effect. When I watch videos of people who have been doing this for some time, I noticed that they turn the art around as they work. For example in this piece you can see something different depending on which way it is turned.


By accident I discovered that if you drag the seran wrap across the surface you get what could be hanging branches. This next piece reminds me of a haunted forest. The figure happened quite by accident but looks like a caped person walking through the forest which could be enchanted or just haunted.

It’s fun to imagine what the scene is about. The figure could be the outline of a bagpiper! The shape of the head looks like the piper is wearing the Scottish toorie – a hat with a pompom at the top. I see a shack in the foreground. What do you see? Send your comments.

an outdoor celebration with cake
Acrylic Painting
Art Sale Oct 5 to Oct 13, 2020

Although it grieves me to sell art “on the cheap”, I would rather see someone treasure the art than for it to collect dust here. Each week I will sell 3 different pieces of art but for one week only. I have been a very prolific artist and with the …

A nostalgic painting about milk delivery and cats
Acrylic Painting
Dundas 49 1/2 Auction 2020

This is my last year to donate art to the Dundas Valley School of Art Annual Auction since we moved back to Alberta in May. I did leave with 3 paintings in this COVID19 year’s auction that ended up being done online. All three paintings have bids on them so …

The Forest - a monoprint
Acrylic Painting
Easy Monoprinting

I remember being told that to be a successful artist you need to develop a style and stick to it.  This means painting the same thing over and over again.  That may be fine for commercial artists who find a niche and then sell that idea exclusively.  To me, part …