Does non-Christian Art Honor God?

Fish Creek Provincial Park, Calgary, AB
Acrylic Painting

Many Christians struggle with the idea that maybe God is not honored if the art is not overtly Christian. If this were true, then only those who work in some form of ministry or service work would be in God’s will. Since God is the creator of all things then even mundane tasks like cleaning the house and doing the laundry are important even necessary.

I think, God cares more that you create than what you create. It is important to recognize and embrace the unique design that God has on your life and fulfill that design to the best of your ability. It is in striving for excellence that God is honored.

I would love to paint beautiful Biblical scenes like the masters, but God has not gifted me to do this. Instead, my talent lies in pastoral landscapes that many people find interesting and soothing.

Often, I feel inspired by looking through my reference photo library or I get excited about a picture I took. Inspiration comes from God and when I am satisfied with a painting, I feel thankful and peaceful. Especially in these tumultuous times, I can find peace in art. Art keeps me sane.

God has given us life and given it abundantly. As we live that abundant life we are filled with joy, peace, creativity, beauty and love and we are proclaiming to the world the reality of the kingdom that is both here now and yet to come.

Therefore, when you fulfill God’s design on your life you come into alignment with God’s will and that plan connects with what other people are doings in the kingdom and together we make a huge impact.

We trust the result to God. Our job is to invite the Spirit into every area of our life and to do the art the Spirit puts on our hearts. Our life and art can then have a big impact more than anything we could do on our own.

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