McMaster Innovation Park Exhibition 31 Opening

A monochromatic winter landscape
Acrylic Painting

Art in the Workplace

This is the 31st Art in the Workplace exhibition and it will open Thursday November 28th.  Come see all the beautiful art on display. Enjoy some refreshments and music.

This is my piece on display in the 31st exhibition.  It’s a 12 x 12 inch acrylic on Canvas (framed) $250.

A monochromatic winter landscape

IVP exhibition 31

Fish Creek Provincial Park, Calgary, AB
Acrylic Painting
Does non-Christian Art Honor God?

Many Christians struggle with the idea that maybe God is not honored if the art is not overtly Christian. If this were true, then only those who work in some form of ministry or service work would be in God’s will. Since God is the creator of all things then …

acrylic farmland art
Acrylic Painting
Art During Covid-19

An Unfortunate Time to Move We are living in unprecedented times where we are naturally concerned about vulnerable people; therefore, we must all do our part. Some of us have more complicated scenarios to work through than others. My husband and I chose to move back to Alberta just before …

drawing of after the storm
Acrylic Painting
Black and White Reinforces Importance of Value

Values in Charcoal Black and white no matter if it’s paint, pencil or charcoal reinforces the need for variety in values.  Too much of one value makes for a dull and flat drawing, not only among the objects in the sketch but also to give realism and form to the …