Beautiful Paintings Printed onto Throw Pillows and Mugs

Fall on the Raisin River
Acrylic Painting

Great gift ideas for the coming Christmas Season

If you’re looking for a gift for that special someone or just the person who has everything, then a piece of art on a product fits the ticket.  A painting printed on a pillow, mug or other products makes a beautiful, unique gift.  Head over to Fine Arts America to see the products available.  Here are a few sample:

Wouldn’t those pillows brighten up any room whether in a living room or a bedroom.  Those mugs would be great for the office too!  Avoid the Christmas rush and order early to ensure your unique gift arrives in time.  Other products and prints available.


lovely pillows with paintings printed on them A colorful fall river scene painting printed on a pillow a gorgeous painting printed on a throw pillow










a winter scene printed on a coffee mug a coffee mug with paintingthe bow bridge on a coffee mug

Acrylic Painting
South Glengarry Economic Development and Tourism 

Let the Banner Fly For some reason, I decided not to forward my website email to my home email address telling myself that I would just have to remember to check the webmail once a week. I forgot all about it but noticed the reduction in spam mail in my …

Pond skating party
Acrylic Painting
Painting Winter Scene Helps Me Keep Cool

Enjoying a Skate Winter is not my favorite season, but painting winter seemed to relieve some of the humidity and heat of this summer weather.  It also helps to have some winter art on hand for various exhibitions; although, seeing green or fall colors can be uplifting in the winter.  …

Acrylic Painting
Martintown Grist Mill August 5, 2018

Successful Event at the Martintown Grist Mill The Martintown Grist Mill has been renovated in recent years turning it into a thriving hub for artists, authors, entertainers, food vendors and local produce vendors.  Thousands of volunteer hours go into the weekly, summer events that has drawn the entire community closer …